Starting Again

It’s been awhile since words were put to this blog.  Is it because it’s the busy season here in Palm Springs for charity events, parties, social get togethers? Or is it because things become overwhelming even during wonderful moments, cherished memories, and beautiful sunsets?

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Melissa’s Story


Teresa and I decided that along with our social events and get together with friends, we would add some personal stories to our blog. It’s easy to assume from our writing about galas, birthday parties, fundraisers, and other social gatherings there is a superficial air about us all. There isn’t.  We don’t take what we are blessed with lightly. We don’t take our family and friends for granted. When we are out we actually discuss sensitive topics that are heartfelt and painful.

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Sweaty Princess Cool Princess Boo Hoo Hoo


It’s been a while since we posted and that’s because Princess Teresa is cruising crisp blue waters touched by slight breezes while sipping drinks from I Dream of Jeannie vessels… while I lurk in my air conditioned house hiding like a troll from the scolding 107 degree and above desert heat.

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Birthday Celebration Continues: Carnival Cabaret


As a child, most are excited to celebrate their Bulldog Birthdaybirthdays with parties, special vacations, or trips to amusement parks. As we get older some lose that zest for celebrating life, turning down the excitement when the birth date arrives. Some don’t like the number of their age, some just look at it as another day.

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Hard Rockin’ In Palm Springs: Rick Springfield’s ABC’s Greatest Hits Viewing Party

It used to be that in the summer Palm Springs would become quiet with little to do except avoid the intense heat.  That has all changed. Okay, we still have the heat, but with many events happening now and fantastic restaurants staying open, Palm Springs is a vibrant and active place to indulge in during the summer.

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