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Damn, where did the time go?

Well, we’d love to blame the pandemic on our lack of keeping up on this blog but it’s been about 4 years since our last posting.   In a way it feels as if the world stopped turning and time took a left, losing us along the path.

As we try to visualize our last four years we are met with a road block:  Moments, memories, laughs and celebrations from those times seem to be kept behind a securely locked door. All we can view is the last tragedy-filled year, and that is extremely heartbreaking.

Like everyone else we have felt agonizingly sad throughout the unpredictability of each day’s beginning.  We have seen our favorite businesses struggle,  loved ones painfully trudging through depression, family and friends battle the virus with fierce strength, and  some losing to this beast throwing us all upside down and nauseatingly dizzy.

We watched friends become enemies because of social media posts, stinging harsh words hurled at those who disagree about the most mundane topics. And frighteningly, we have reckoned with the filthy re-emergence of racism, prejudice, and disrespect.

We are not going to get political here or express our opinions on what we feel is right or wrong. What we are going to say in this post is that we need to find kindness again, to find a way to speak to each other with calm words. To disagree respectfully without violent threats, and to find another way to reach out in a time when we can’t physically give that desperately needed hug.

So, as you look back at our posts you might not agree with all we have experienced or expressed.  That is fine as long as you respectfully disagree.  All we have written at the time were moments of fun, joy, and light-heartedness. We enjoyed sharing memories made with those once friends and those who are still friends.

And now that we have returned to our blog, we choose to walk out of the darkness and with our new stories bring awareness, bring thought-provoking reads, and simple uplifting ones, too. We hope to share our smiles, offer laughter ( and maybe even some playful eye-rolling),  help you find strength, and an escape from what is weighing you down.

In essence we want to offer kindness, patience, virtual hugs, and a way to get the world to turn gently again leading to a path filled with inspiring new day encounters.


Sweaty Princess Cool Princess Boo Hoo Hoo


It’s been a while since we posted and that’s because Princess Teresa is cruising crisp blue waters touched by slight breezes while sipping drinks from I Dream of Jeannie vessels… while I lurk in my air conditioned house hiding like a troll from the scolding 107 degree and above desert heat.

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