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This blog takes you through the bumpy blessed lives in “real time” of two 50 something year olds who live in Palm Springs, California surrounded by the majestic San Bernardino, Santa Rosa, and San Jacinto mountains.  Teresa and Melissa indulge in the vibrant social scene filled with famous faces, surgically enhanced faces, and the colorful faces of the gay community.  These self-proclaimed princesses revel in the happy hours, birthday celebrations, and dinner club evenings, but what makes their tiaras shine the brightest is giving back to the numerous charities and organizations in the desert.

Get comfy in your seat, put on your reading glasses, sip on that perfectly chillled glass of wine and take the journey to Palm Springs.  Enter the restaurants they frequent, fabulous new ones just opening, and occasional other failed trips to establishments where, well to put it nicely, you may hear them clicking their heels together as they chant, “There’s no place like home…”

Check out the themed parties, the inspiring fundraisers, and the star-studded events. Through the sparkle and the alcohol, read  the stories behind the princesses and their friends. You may discover there is one that touches your heart or one you can relate to in your own life.

But know that once the eyeliner is wiped away, they too are fanning the hot flashes, picking up the dog poop, pulling the sides of their faces back to see how they’d look with a surgically enhanced one, and appreciating each day they live in paradise with their loving families and crazy fun friends.