White Trashin’ It For The Animals

No Shews, No Shert, Full Service:

It was that time again for the annual Rogers White Trash Bash.

Each year Tristan and Teresa open up their home for some white trash fun to raise money for different animal organizations. This year’s recipient was the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Over 140 attended bringing $5 each and a bag of dog or cat food. This is one of the most anticipated parties of the season with all guests donning their best, I mean worst, trashy outfits they could uncover from their closets. Oops, did I say closets, I meant from thrift stores.

Boobs and balls were out! Teeth were darkened along with the eyes, and the “licker” flowed. Food such as “Squirrel” sausages, creamed “possum”, fish and chips( goldfish and potato chips) and “fancie disserts” was finger-licking good.

Some guests arrived in their hottest rides, even sliding them into the house! The Mahoneys scooted into the party on their newly purchased wheelbarrow filled with beer, dog food, and the purtiest little lady wearing a specially made anklet.

Alfie, aka Aerial Trampway, remained close to his favorite color and floated on the Pink Flamingo greeting guests with his best assets and enthusiasm. Through the dirty underwear you could see good friend Blake hanging out all over, and I mean, hanging out. Nicholas wearing white and feeling trashy interviewed guests for PromoHomoTV.

Poppin’ their beers and hangin’ with their kinfolk were actor Sean Kanan and his wife Michelle, actress Judith Chapman, actress and singer Bobbie Eakes, actor David Steen, and many artists and photographers.

After that sun went away, we were all given quite the surprise from Teresa and Tristan. No, get your minds out of the gutter! It was their 21st Anniversary and a renewal weddin’ started to happen. Tanya Coscia, Michelle Kanan, and Shawn Simpson began the proceedings as Teresa’s bridesmaids. Tristan, dressed in his best overalls sans the shert, stood waiting with his drink by officiant Troy Michaels, Teresa’s brother from another mother( and father).

Teresa stumbled out, okay she didn’t but it sounds funnier, and the ceremony commenced. With all the shoutin’ and hootin’ you would’ve thought it was a shotgun wedding. Teresa showed her blinking ring, the kissin’ was done, and the Rogers were wed once more.

The wedding cake was a tastee array of Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, and pink snowball Twinkies.

(You can click on individual photos to view the full photo.)

The festivities continued and for some until the wee hours of the mornin’. The Rogers’ White Trash Bash was a success ( see below) and a great time for all!

Here are just a few pictures from the vault of fab photographer Troy Michaels and various facebook friends:

All For A Great Cause!


A BIG thanks to Tristan and Teresa Rogers for choosing to support our shelter at their annual soirée! Their tremendous donation to our Pet Food Bank will help us feed many hungry pets.


We look forward to next year’s bash!

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