Let Your Inner Princess Shine

PALM SPRINGS PRINCESSES (1)Recently, one of us was introduced to someone  who clearly has not carefully read our blog.  This (only looking at the title) person turned to her friend and pointing to one of us said, “She calls herself a princess. Can you believe someone would do that?”


Yes, only reading our title person, yes we can believe we are calling ourselves that!  Here’s what it means: While out on the town with some of our dear friends, Teresa and I realized we have been truly blessed with loving families and fabulous friends. We adore Palm Springs and all it holds from quiet romantic beautiful evenings with our spouses, soul-hugging charity events, to crazy fun nights out with our friends. So, why not share the love! We hope to bring you laughter, positive energy, advice on where to hang out in Palm Springs, learning experiences to pass on, and some living life silliness while sharing some of our intimate moments ( okay, calm down, not that intimate) in our lives.


We are two over fifty, post-menopausal women with sagging skin, wrinkles, skin tags, sunspots who embrace who we are physically, mentally, and spiritually, yet still call ourselves princesses. Why? Because it’s fun, because it makes us feel younger, because we love where we live and the people we know so we want to represent our city with admiration, joy, and youthful exuberance.



So, why the catty remark? Doesn’t matter what age you are, you will always encounter those who are jealous, mean-spirited, and bully-like. Those who want to knock you down when you are trying to reach up to happiness. Those who can’t find their smiles, their silliness, their joy; so they need the company and want you to join them.


It’s okay, lady who only reads the title, we understand you are fighting your own battle. Just know we are here to show you fun, how to appreciate the good surrounding all of us, and to share the love.


We have an extra tiara. Why don’t you join us?

There will always be someone trying to tarnish your inner tiara, but just remember to always let your inner princess shine!




6 thoughts on “Let Your Inner Princess Shine

  1. Nicole C

    Love your response to a rather snarky comment! So true about never knowing what other people are going through so keep spreading the love and positivity!!

    1. Melissa & Teresa Post author

      Thank you so much for this note. We are just being silly and having fun. So appreciate you! XO

  2. Trish Tharas

    Love it short, sweet and to the point which is how people should carry themselves.
    So true about battles we are going thru that others don’t know about I always say just bc I choose not to share my everyday stresses doesn’t mean I don’t have them. Being silly, appreciating who we are, who we have is what life’s about.
    Love these posts keep them coming girks❌⭕️

    1. Melissa & Teresa Post author

      Thank you Trish! You so get it and we really appreciate you writing to us. Stay with us and share any great stories or ideas.
      All our best, Melissa and Teresa

  3. Jill M

    Thank you for bringing the fun, ladies! Showing us good that is all around us, and encouraging us to embrace and share love with others (that might be in need–e.i. quick to judge lady)
    Just keep bringing it anyway you please – you are nothing but positive, energizing, and extremely entertaining!
    So glad I found your blog even though I am nowhere near PS! You ladies are a blessing. Keep living it up!
    I have never thought of myself as a princess, but I just might have to give it a shot, what a hoot!!

    1. Melissa & Teresa Post author

      Thank you so much Jill! We so appreciate your message to us. We enjoy having fun and doing good for others. All of us are princesses in the most positive sense! All our best, Melissa and Teresa


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